Hair Extensions

Have you ever wished your hair was maybe a little fuller? Or maybe a little longer? Maybe have you wanted to change up your color but are worried about the commitment? A solution to all of these issues is hair extensions. Hair extensions can be used in many ways to change the appearance of your hair. Below we will go more in depth to exactly what hair extensions are and the types that we offer!

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are pieces of hair that can be inserted into your hair to transform your look as much or as little as desired. Extensions can be made of synthetic or human hair; all hair ordered through Vivid Hair Lounge are 100% Human Hair. Human hair extensions can be treated exactly as you would the hair on your head; they can be colored and styled with heat and typically last 6-12 months. Synthetic hair extensions are typically more temporary, do not last as long, and can not be colored or styled with heat.

Types of Extension Services We Offer:

  • Tape In - two pieces of hair that are sandwiched around a slice of your hair and held in by adhesive; typically need maintenance every 4-6 weeks; perfect for adding pops of color or lightness into the hair with little commitment
  • Sew In Weft - either a hand tied or machine sewn weft that is sewn into flat sections in the hair created by the placement of a bead in the hair; great for adding length and color into the hair; maintenance is recommended every 6-8 weeks depending on stylist recommendation
  • I Tip - small strands of hair secured with a metal or silicone bead; may be more flexible than other methods of extensions; no adhesive required; maintenance is recommended every 6-10 weeks
  • Fusions - strands of hair secured by fusing a keratin bond to the hair; maintenance is required roughly every 3 months
  • Clip-in - wefts of hair that are secured into the hair using clips; perfect for a very temporary change (i.e a wedding or party); can be removed at home; recommended to be removed after each use

How to determine which method of extensions is right for you?

Set up a consultation! Many things go into determining which extension type is best for you. Hair density, thickness and overall desired look are just a few. Vivid Hair Lounge offers complimentary extension consultations to all clients. Set up your consultation today and start the journey to truly loving your hair!